Chrissy Ferree

I am a web developer/design/workflow consultant at CME.  I love to help people find solutions.  My favorite part about designing websites, or any solution, is watching something start from nothing and evolve into something awesome. I started with CME in 2012 and have enjoyed the crazy journey, and working with so many great people.

In my spare time I love experimenting making digital art, playing board games, and doing fun things with my family.

Facts About Me

  • I am actually a fantasy/scifi geek cleverly disguised as a web developer.
  • I obtained a degree in financial services before deciding web development was my passion.
  • I have two girls, Adessa and Leah, who are as creative as I am.
  • I love to cook.
  • I have never been to Europe and it is a goal of mine to get there at some point.

Skill Set

    • Workflow Management90%
    • HTML/CSS90%
    • Branding & Marketing85%
    • Wordpress/CMS90%
    • Drinking Tall Coffees in a Single Bound100%