Jacob Stoner

My interest in writing code started back in the days of MySpace. Throughout high school I took every opportunity I could to learn about technology and built my first computer in the 10th grade. I quickly became “the computer guy” of my family and friends. As I came close to the end of my schooling at Westmoreland County Community College, I was working as a hydraulic cylinder mechanic, unsure of where I would take my education. Thankfully, I was hired during my last semester for a small software company in Mt. Pleasant, PA where I honed my skills in the business sector.

5 ½ years of software support and assisting with software architecture gave me the opportunity to join the team at Chroma with a splash. Since being hired in November of 2017, I’ve helped lead various projects, manage internal IT operations, and drastically improve my abilities with server administration. Oh, and I still find time to write a code or two. I’ve never been more excited for the opportunities that Chroma has brought to my career, or for the opportunities that we can provide your business!

Facts About Me

  • I love to cook and experiment with new recipes. 
  • If it has to do with dragons, knights, or wizards, I’m interested. 
  • My years as a boy scout gave me an outstanding appreciation for nature. 
  • I’m always excited for a thrill and look forward to my next chance to sky dive. 
  • I carry with me an unnecessary amount of trivial knowledge of video games and movies. 
  • I’ve completed my collection of the entire first generation of Pokemon cards that I began collecting as a child.

Skill Set

    • C#/Java/PHP/HTML/JavaScript/CSS 85%
    • Software Analysis90%
    • Project Design75%
    • Customer Relations90%
    • Terrible Puns100%