Jim Dalby

I am the Director of Quality Assurance at Chroma Studios. I attended Pittsburgh Technical College (Formerly Pittsburgh Technical Institute) graduating in 2012 with an Associate of Science degree in Web and Interactive Design. After graduating from PTC I went to work in the field gaining valuable industry experience.

Through my professional career I have worked for advertising firms, large corporations, as well as smaller development shops doing a variety of different tasks. In February of 2016 I joined the team here at Chroma Studios. Around May of 2017 I transitioned into doing QA testing for our software development sector of the company, and I have been doing that ever since eventually transitioning into the role of Director of Quality Assurance. I also perform maintenance tasks for the website side of the company. I work primarily with WordPress, our custom built websites and I also use higher level PHP and JavaScript to find solutions to various problems. Working at Chroma Solutions has helped to take my skill set further and I love the work that I do.

Facts About Me

  • I enjoy many different types of food but mainly I enjoy Italian the most. 
  • I enjoy many different types of music, but recently I have been really into Vaporwave, Synthwave, Dark Synthwave when I code.  
  • I am not much of a reader although I have read all Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and The Silmarillion. 
  • I have had many other jobs such as Prep Cooking / Line cooking at restaurants, working in steel fabrication, working in school cafeterias, and general labor jobs. 
  • Most recently I traveled New Jersey to to see the Original Misfits with Glenn Danzig. I also saw them in Chicago a few years ago as well as at Riot Fest. 
  • I once played a knife game with the President of Nicaragua… It ended in a draw. 

Skill Set

    • WordPress/CMS Solutions 100%
    • HTML/CSS 100%
    • WordPress/CMS Solutions 100%
    • PHP/Javascript 80%
    • Java 75%
    • Customer Support 100%
    • Will pet your cat even though I do not like your cat 100%