Scot Noel

My adventures with technology began long before the web, in the early 1980s when the Commodore 64 was introduced. A few years later, as Director of Operations for a local transit system, I oversaw the acquisition of an advanced paratransit scheduling system, where a hard drive as big as a piece of furniture held up to 1 megabyte of information (smaller than many emails today).

By the 90’s I was working in Computer Game Development for DreamForge Intertainment. As Associate Producer and later Project Manager, I helped bring several award winning games to market, including Anvil of Dawn, Sanitarium, and Veil of Darkness.

With the arrival of the Internet, a new playground opened up for me. I became a self-taught expert in web development, usability, and search optimization when the only way to learn was by doing. 17 years later, my skills continue to advance with the ever-changing Internet. Online, success is a moving target!

Facts About Me

  • Award winning writer of Science and Fantasy Fiction.
  • Editor in Chief of DreamForge Magazine, a magazine of Science and Fantasy Fiction.
  • Watched premiere episode of Star Trek on September 8, 1966.
  • Saw the original Star Wars 33 times in the theater before I stopped counting.
  • Personally told William Shatner his computer game idea was… not great.
  • I’ve broken bones with my Tae Kwon Do skills – all mine.

Skill Set

    • Writing/Editing95%
    • Search Engine Optimization83%
    • Branding/Marketing72%
    • Project Management90%
    • Zombie Apocalypse Team Leader 68%