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Have they promised to make your website #1 on Google?

Everyone with a website has no doubt received dozens of solicitations from firms promising to put your website on the first page of Google results, and possibly in the #1 position!

What should you do when you receive these offers?  Run.  Run far, run fast, and keep your hand firmly on your wallet.

Some Search Engine Common Sense


It is critical to get good search results from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and the rest.  The truth is, any agency that can deliver has more referrals than they can handle.  The one thing they are not doing is emailing you or calling you in hopes of soliciting your business.

Reality Check

No legitimate firm will promise you first page or #1 results on Google, because that is not within their power to guarantee.

It Doesn't Work the Way You Think it Does

  • Search results are not the same for everyone!  (They vary over time, location, and your personal search habits.  The changes are not dramatic, but they have a real effect on your website's success.)
  • People do not search for what you think they do! (When people search, they use their own words in phrases of 3, 5, or more words.  Google evaluates each of these separately, so while you think your site should show up for 'Auto body repair," people are actually looking for 'the best autobody repair shop in Albuquerque.")
  • Search Engines routinely re-evaluate your website.  (No matter where your site is today, it may not be there tomorrow.  This is true for everyone, which gives you the opportunity to move up while your competition stagnates.)

How to Tell if You're Doing Well

Where your website shows up when you personally type something into Google is almost meaningless. You can only tell if you're doing well by reviewing the statistical and analytical results of actual web visits to your site.  With modern tools like Smarterstats, Google Analytics, and Google Webmaster Tools, we can tell where your web traffic is coming from, how long they stayed, what pages they visited, and much more.  We can even see what keyword queries Google is listing your site in response to and where your site ranks on average for each of those searches. Think about it.  1,000 short visits for the wrong thing by the wrong people are useless compared to 5 engaged visitors who are potential customers and whose behavior on your website shows that they got the message and completed the contact form. Interested in talking to a Search Engine Engagement team that knows what it's doing, won't promise you the moon, and can set realistic goals for the success or your website?  Contact CME Websites today.  

What is Search Engine Engagement?

At CME Websites, we evaluate your website goals and your online marketing budget. Based on what makes sense for you, we develop a mix of the following services:
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media
For clients with serious budgets, we call on the services of our partner company, FSEO Corp., a consulting organization under the leadership of SEO and SEM expert Eric Heimbach. Want to learn more?  Contact CME Websites today.

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