Are you struggling to track incoming leads from your website?

Do you wish there was an easier way to see ROI from your inbound marketing campaigns?

Looking for an easy, affordable customer management solution?

Flex4 is the solution!

Only 4 week turnaround for website development  and crm setup!

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Chroma's Flex4 solution combines your beautifully designed custom website, with a powerful integrated customer and lead management solution.

Contact, lead, and even registration forms feed directly into the CRM backend to keep track of leads and follow up opportunities and giving you the opportunity to see exactly which pages or landing pages your leads have come from.

  • Automatically add new contacts into your CRM without multiple entry
  • Measure ROI of marketing campaigns more effectively
  • No expensive or clunky integration solutions needed
  • Automatically get notified to follow up with contacts and leads
  • Measure Opportunities
  • Fully customizable metric dashboard

Submissions from contact, lead, and even registration forms go directly into your customized customer management system, for easy follow up and tracking.

Automatically create new contacts, opportunities and follow up reminders.

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