Since its inception part of our company’s philosophy has always been to commit ourselves to using our skills to become a positive force for change in our wider community.

We have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work together with some of the most vital non-profit organizations in our area to provide them with digital services that assist them in reaching their organizational goals.

We have extensive experience in tailoring our proposals to meet the fulfillment requirements of organizations that are funded by grants. We are also available to assist your organization in connecting with grant funding that may be available for you, as well as other digital services that are available at a free or reduced rate for non-profit organizations such as web-based donation collection.

If you feel your organization could benefit from a partnership with us do not let concerns over cost stop you from reaching out. We are committed to being available to share our knowledge and provide services that are affordable and tailored to the budget of our non-profit partners.

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