We Don’t Expect You to Know All These Things

If you already knew all the things in this questionnaire…you probably wouldn’t even need a class!  This is to help gauge where you are so that we can make sure we’re prepared to help you in the best way possible with the time we have available.  Just do your best and answer as much as you can.  Once you complete the form, you’ll get a link where you can check our schedule for availability.

Your Contact Info

Computer Skills

Have you used WordPress before
Do you know how to Copy & Paste
Do you know how to
Are you Familiar with...
Are you Familiar with Images and Video


Do you know what a browser is?
Do you regularly use multiple tabs
Do you use Incognito or Private Windows
Browsers installed on your computer
What's your default browser (what you usually use)

Zoom and Screen Sharing

Have you shared screen before?
Are you comfortable using zoom
Do you have a camera and microphone?

About Your Computer

Is your computer a...
Operating System
How many screens do you have available?

WordPress Logins

Assuming you do not already have a WordPress login, provide the email address or addresses of additional people who will be updating the site. We will create users before the class.

Your Goals